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YEAR: 2005
STYLE: Progressive Metal
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + .Cue + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 516 Mb
COUNTRY: Germany
THE BAND: Björn Tiemann / keyboards, orchestration; Jan Keimer / drums, lyrics, conception; Hans Strenge / bass; Heiko Holler / guitars; Christian Heise / vocals, lyrics
Guest musicians: Sabine Koops / background vocals; Sabine Lück / background vocals

This is a release that confused me, since it has two release dates (one informal back, in 2003 and this formal one, in 2005), but none the less it is a very good release that you can find in your neighborhood's informed record store. Ricochet’s name was familiar to me, but I never had the opportunity to listen to their first album "Among the Elements", which was released in mid nineties.

The German quintet is follower of the prominent progressive metal forms. In other words they perform American progressive metal, as it is defined by early Dream Theater ("Images and Words") and Queensryche ("Promise Land"). Additional to these you may find some touches by Threshold and Conception, especially on songs like "Teartown". "Zarah - A Teartown Story" is a concept album referring to the story of an unfortunate girl. Through this allegoric story, Ricochet follow a filmic approach, which tries to "reproduce" a film story in sound, rather to narrate a book-kind one. Despite the concept nature of the album, Ricochet avoid to hire or to call numerous musicians and singers to dramatize it, but they prefer to take it on their shoulders. What is imminently evident is that the band concentrates more on the melodies and the structures of the songs, instead of exhibiting their skills. Indeed in all songs, even in the instrumental "Disobedience", you will not find endless parts of raving musicianship. They administrate their story in a very mature and wise way that in overall serves the listener and not themselves.

The only problem with Ricochet is that their influences have a quite strong effect on their music. For example one of the most beautiful songs of the CD, the ballad "Final Curtain", reminds a lot of the Queensryche ballads. This is not entirely negative; if you are fans of this colossal band you will find parts that will make you smile (note: and perhaps get sad when you think their current state). The production is very balanced and highlights the virtues of the five musicians. I think that purchasing this CD will not shake you, but definitely will give you some pleasant moments of listening.

Track Listing:
1. Entering the scene (2:54)
2. Teartown (9:30)
3. Disobedience (5:27)
4. Silent retriever (5:33)
5. Cincinatti Road (10:59)
6. Caught in the spotlight (5:47)
7. Final curtain (5:46)
8. The red line (7:44)
9. A new day's rising (18:44)

The Band:
- Björn Tiemann / keyboards, orchestration
- Jan Keimer / drums, lyrics, conception
- Hans Strenge / bass
- Heiko Holler / guitars
- Christian Heise / vocals, lyrics
Guest musicians:
- Sabine Koops / background vocals
- Sabine Lück / background vocals

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