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YEAR: 1976
STYLE: Symphonic Progressive Rock
FORMAT: FLAC (Tracks + Log + .Cue + Scans + 5% Recovery)
SIZE: 231 Mb
THE BAND: Jean-Pierre Boulais / lead & rhythm guitars & vocals; Claude Letaillenter / technics; Jean-Francois Perier / keyboards, vocals; Didier Guillaumat / vocals, lead guitars; Didier Busson / drums, percussion; Michel Aze / bass, vocals

A very enjoyable symphonic record from France that was released in 1976.I like the way they use spacey synths on this album,and the guitar work is quite tasteful.The bass is upfront much of the time. Je Ne San Plus opens with prominant drums until a nice spacey sound comes in around a minute.Vocals are in french and i like them.When the vocals stop the bass,drums and guitar really stand out each time.The tempo picks up 3 1/2 minutes in as we get this prolonged instrumental section with piano.Female vocal melodies 5 1/2 minutes in and the male vocals follow after 6 minutes as she continues.This is my favourite track off the album. La Grange Memoriance opens with drums and guitar before it turns spacey.I like the way the guitar seems to play on endlessly.Keys before 4 1/2 minutes as the guitar stops.Guitar and drums are back quickly as the tempo picks up.The tempo slows right down after 6 minutes as vocals arrive for the first time in this song.Great sound.He yells before 9 minutes as they kick into a higher gear.It sounds so good around 10 1/2 minutes in. Et Apres is maybe even better than the opening track.It's like 1a and 1b for me.The guitar is more aggressive on this tune and check out the druming 3 1/2 minutes in.Vocals 6 1/2 minutes in for first time are whispered and then spoken.The guitar and drums are outstanding 9 minutes in. Tracsir opens with solid drumming and prominant bass as guitar plays over top.The tempo picks up before 3 minutes and shifts again slightly on this instrumental. A very pleasant and enjoyable listen.4 stars.

Track Listing:
1. Je Ne San Plus (8:47)
2. La Grange Memoriance (10:59)
3. Et Apres (10:23)
4. Tracsir (4:48)

The Band:
- Jean-Pierre Boulais / lead & rhythm guitars & vocals
- Claude Letaillenter / technics (?)
- Jean-Francois Perier / keyboards, vocals
- Didier Guillaumat / vocals, lead guitars
- Didier Busson / drums, percussion
- Michel Aze / bass, vocals

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